Outerwear to Elevate your Halloween 2023 Costume

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Have you ever planned a great Halloween costume and gotten ready to wear it, only to put on a jacket that takes away from the costume? We have too. The way to take a Halloween costume from good to show-stopping is all about the little details! Here at AZALEA WANG, our motto is "details matter." With that in mind, we think the secret to elevating your costume is all in the jacket you use to build off of. We have some great outerwear options for you to choose from and some Halloween costume inspiration to go with them too! Not only are these jackets awesome for completing your costume, they're also a jacket that you'll be able to wear long after the night is done. Check out our Halloween costume ideas with our signature statement jackets here.



Combination of images of a western inspired cowboy hat, metallic silver moto jacket, and metallic silver western boot with fold over accent

One of the best jackets we have in our collection for Halloween is definitely our Prince-Silver moto jacket because of how much of a statement it makes. With silver being one of the hottest colors right now, a metallic silver costume is a fun way to stay on-trend this Halloween season. The space cowgirl costume is a great way to incorporate this color and make it your own with the amount of versatility there is with styling it. Our take on this costume would be incorporating a statement Cowboy hat with rhinestone embellished accents and a silver cowboy boot to tie the whole look together. With Western accents and shiny details, this costume will be a hit no matter what you have planned for this year!

Shop the Prince-Moto Silver Jacket here.

Shop the Esperanza-Silver Western Bootie here.

Shop the Bling Cowboy hat from ShopAkira here.


image of black tutu, fluffy ruffled black statement jacket, and black open toe heels with a rhinestone embellished ankle cuff

The black swan costume is a certified classic costume for the it-girl. Not only is it iconic, but it's the perfect excuse to incorporate some sexy accents to your costume. This costume is classy, elegant, and a perfect match for our Lou-Lou Black ruffled Jacket. Our Lou-Lou is a gorgeous, tulle ruffled statement jacket that adds the perfect level of texture to your look. Style this costume with a pair of luxurious black stilettos, a ballerina tutu, and a black corset to perfectly tie this costume together!

Shop the Lou-Lou Black Jacket here.

Shop the Mito-Black Stiletto heels here.



image of holographic blue pointed toe stiletto boots, cobalt blue cropped faux fur coat with a hood, and a chocolate chip cookie

If you're looking for costume inspo for a fun character that everyone will be able to recognize, a cookie monster costume is the perfect fit! Our Muffin-Blue faux fur jacket is perfect for this costume. The soft, fluffy fabrication of this jacket will add a whole new level of flair to your look that will definitely turn heads with its vibrant color. Styling your outfit with a pair of bright blue stiletto boots will also incorporate a sexy touch to your entire costume. Finish up the look with a chocolate chip cookie and you'll be set! If you're planning on dressing up with your friends for a group costume, you can also have your friends dress up as other fun characters from Sesame street. 

Check out the Muffin-Blue Faux Fur jacket here.

Shop the Nova-Blue Holographic stilettos here.



silver open toe stiletto heels with crystal rhinestone lace up heel cords, white faux fur cropped jacket, and costume angel wings

Angel costumes are truly ethereal. Something awesome about angel costumes is that it can be styled so many different ways depending on your personal taste. Our take on this classic costume is by incorporating a white, fluffy faux fur jacket to complete your look. Our Cadence-White is absolutely perfect for this! This jacket features an all white faux fur fabrication with a cropped silhouette and a fashionable oversized collar. To add some shiny accents, a silver, rhinestone embellished wrap up heel is perfect. Complete this costume with a pair of wings and you'll be looking totally elegant for anything you have planned.

Shop the Cadence-White Faux Fur jacket here.

Shop the Mia-Silver wrap up heels here.



image of fashionable red boots with pointed toe and stiletto heel, a black and white faux fur bolero coat, and a fake cigarette prop

A Cruella Deville Costume is for the people who want to look ultra lux and fashionable this Halloween. Our Gallery-Black statement jacket is absolutely perfect for this look. This jacket features an ultra cropped silhouette made with faux fur and a half black, half white design that you can add onto the rest of your costume. To incorporate some red into your look, adding a pair of fashionable red pointed toe stiletto boots is the perfect way to do this! Pair these pieces with a black dress and a fake cigarette prop to create the most iconic Cruella Deville costume around.

Shop the Gallery-Black Statement Jacket here.

Shop the Maeve-Red Stiletto Boot here.



image of futuristic black sunglasses, a black faux leather trench coat, and a prop gun

This is for the ones looking to go for an edgy, minimalist costume that doesn't take a lot of effort. You can find the base of your costume in your own closet, but the most important piece of a matrix costume is definitely a black trench coat. With that in mind, our beyond trench is perfect for this! As a base, find your favorite black pants and shirt. To add the finishing touches, style this with some futuristic sunglasses, a toy gun, and voila! You'll look like you're straight out of the matrix.

Shop the Beyond Trench here.


image of flower embellished headband for a cupid costume, a bright red faux leather jacket with faux fur collar and cuffs, and white angel wings


Cupid has become a really popular costume in the recent years and we're honestly obsessed. This costume is so cute and sexy, making it the perfect match for our New-Gisele Red Faux Fur Jacket! This jacket features a cropped silhouette with a faux fur collar and cuffs to add a flirty accent to any look. To complete this costume, style it with a red mini skirt, white boots, some wings, and a heart embellished headband to bring it all together!

Shop the New-Gisele Red jacket here.


Still looking to find more costume inspiration? Don't worry, we've got you covered! We have a lot of great statement pieces to choose from. Shop the rest of our Halloween Edit here.







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