AZALEA WANG Highlight: Thick Thigh Friendly Boots

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When it comes to finding the perfect pair of boots, it can be a real struggle for those of us with thick thighs. You know the feeling - you find a gorgeous pair of boots, but they just won't zip up past your calves. But fear not, because here at Azalea Wang we've got some fabulous thick thigh friendly boots for any occasion! Our wide calf boots vary depending on style, some have been designed to have a wider calf circumference and others have been designed using our iconic 4-way-stretch material that can stretch to fit varying leg sizes. Check out some of our favorite thick thigh friendly boots from our shop here.


knee high flared denim stiletto boots with a pointed toe silhouette

One of our most coveted thick thigh friendly boots is definitely our Amby Boot. This boot features a gorgeous light wash denim fabrication with a stiletto heel and a pointed toe silhouette to create an iconic statement shoe. These boots feature a flared opening to fit varying leg sizes and to be both stylish and accommodating. Not only are these boots perfect for a going out look, these are so fun to style for any occasion you have in mind! Shop these show-stopping boots here. 

Loving the Amby Denim boot but looking for a different color? We also have the Amby boot in black! Shop this style here.

Thick thigh friendly black faux leather stiletto statement boot with a pointed toe silhouette



Our Nemy boots have been one of our most popular boots this Fall, sparking up a LOT of conversation on social media. These thick thigh friendly thigh high boots feature a black faux leather fabrication with a stiletto heel and an extra flared opening with a scrunched detail on the shaft to tie the whole look together. They give your legs the breathing room they deserve, so you can strut your stuff without feeling constricted. Plus, they're incredibly stylish! Gone are the days of sacrificing fashion for function - these boots are the best of both worlds. These shoes are perfect for a going out look or for a fashion forward outfit. You'll have a lot of fun styling this statement boot! Shop this shoe here.


 Not only do we have this boot in black, but we have it in plaid too! Shop the Nemy-Plaid here.





Our Eureva is a fabulous option for the people looking for an everyday thigh high boot that can styled with various outfits. This boot is made with our 4 way stretch material, which is great for people of any leg size! The material can stretch to your leg width to perfectly hug all your curves. The flat sole makes this boot both comfortable and accomodating. Style this with a mini skirt and a long sleeve top for a chic look! Check out the Eureva New here.


These are just a few of our personal favorites! Our 4 Way Stretch Collection includes a lot of other great styles that you'll have a lot of fun styling. Remember, fashion is all about expressing yourself and feeling good in your own skin. And with the right pair of boots, you'll be unstoppable! Finding the perfect for of boots for you is all about finding the right fit. Don't be afraid to try on different styles to find the one that works best for you! Keep an eye out for more thick thigh friendly boots on Azalea Wang in the future! This is only the beginning ;)

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